Abkhazia –  Occupied by Russias since 1993

Abkhazia is one of the most beautiful and rich natural resources region of Georgia. Part of the ancient Colchis Kingdom of Western Georgia and later the Kingdom of Egrisi. It is located in the extreme northwestern part of Georgia. The process of establishing a united Georgian kingdom in the 10th century began with the idea of ​​the King of Abkhazia and his advisor Ionae Marushisdze. Georgia, like other regions, was annexed by the Russian Empire. And in 1993, after Georgia seceded from the Soviet Union and declared independence, the region was occupied by the separatist forces of the Russian Federation and is still occupied.

The region can be said to be one of the most beautiful and rich in natural resources. One part of the territory is located on the Black Sea coast, and the other is part of the Caucasus mountain system. There are many sea and mountain resorts. It is rich in natural sights, caves, lakes and rivers. It can be said that all natural resources characteristic of other regions of Georgia are united here.