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Country of Georgia

Georgia is a country with an ancient history, geographically located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia in the southern lowlands of the Caucasus Mountains. It has 4 bordering countries. Russian Federation to the north, Turkey and Armenia to the south, Azerbaijan to the southeast. The western border runs entirely along the Black Sea coast.

According to the climatic zones, Georgia is located on the border of subtropical and temperate climates. That is why different regions are rich in different climatic zones and natural landscapes. The Black Sea and Caspian Sea factors also have a great influence. The subtropical climate is mainly in western Georgia. The East is characterized by drier climatic conditions. The country is rich in rivers and lakes, as well as healing mineral waters.

The Likhi ridge, which divides the country into two natural zones, the western and eastern parts, also participates in the division of climatic zones. Its factor is clearly seen not only in the natural division as well. Throughout its long history, the existence of the Likhi Range has played a major role in the political, cultural and economic development of the country at different times. At first glance, its existence divided the country in terms of cultural characteristics, but at the same time, it served as an important strategic shield. During the enemy invasions, it prevented the conduct of hostilities on the entire territory of Georgia.

The population settled on the territory of Georgia in ancient times. To better imagine, B.C. In the 12th century, was created the first state association, Diauehi in Western Georgia. 4 centuries later the legendary kingdom of Colchis. It is associated with the legend of the Argonauts and the Golden Fleece. At the same time, in Eastern Georgia was created Hereti and then the mighty Iberian Kingdom. It is noteworthy that these Caucasian peoples soon formed a common spoken language, but with a different dialect. Till today different accents have been preserved in all regions of Georgia. Moreover, Samegrelo and Svaneti have their own dialect of spoken language.

Religiously, Georgia is an Orthodox country. Christianity was first preached in the first century by the apostles of Christ. By this time, the robe of Christ was already kept in Mtskheta, which was placed there by Georgian Jews Elioz Mtskheteli and Longinos Karsnel after the crucifixion of Christ. With the support of the local king Mirian, from the same city Mtskheta, St. Nino began to spread Christianity in Georgian regions.

Georgian cuisine is one of the main reasons for traveling to the country. For those looking for gastronomic experiments and just for gourmets, local cuisine is a real separate adventure. Every region here has its own special traditional dishes. You can taste them in almost all Georgian restaurants.


Tbilisi, Population: 1.4 million


69,700 km2.  – 20% is occupied by Russia


4,012,104. Ethnic groups (86.8% Georgians, 6.2% Azerbaijanis, 4.5% Armenians, 0.7% Russians, 2.1% Others)


Georgian Orthodox (88.1% Christianity – 83.4%,  Georgian Orthodoxy – 5.7%, Other Christian – 10.7%,  Islam – 1.2% Others)

Official language



Unitary parliamentary republic


Lari (GEL)  1 USD = 3.35 GEL, 1 EURO = 3.66 GEL

Time zone

UTC+4 (Georgia Time GET)

Calling code



112 (Police, Fire Rescue, Ambulance)

Calling code


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