Adjara is a region located in southwest Georgia. Geographical and cultural development is divided into two parts, mountain and lowland. Mountainous Adjara still retains its ethnic beauty. It is rich in natural sights and local cultural lifestyle. Most of the population is still engaged in cattle breeding and other traditional farming. The most famous city and administrative center of the region is Batumi.  Georgia’s second-largest city and on the country’s Black Sea coast is the most developed in terms of industry, infrastructure and tourism.

Batumi – The name comes from the Greek word “Batus” – which means deep. The city has developed all kinds of infrastructure: hotels, parks, attractions, a modern football stadium, a renovated boulevard and much more. The city is visited by many tourists every year, both during the sea season and in winter. Batumi Dolphinarium and Botanical Garden are one of the most popular attractions in the city.

What to see in Adjara


Batumi Dolphinarium

Renovated Dolphinarium in Batumi, which opened after a long pause in 2011 and is one of the most popular facilities in the city. The stands are designed for 790 spectators, but booking a seat during the active season is still difficult. It is an enjoyable watch attraction for people of any age.

Batumi Dolphinarium Adjara what to see

Gonio Fortress

A historic fortress that played a strategically important role both against a land enemy as well as in pirate attacks. The exact date of construction of the castle is unknown, but according to one version it is associated with the name of the Roman Pompey.


Petra fortress

Historic castle ruins and archeological complex. The construction of the castle is related to the Byzantine emperor. It was one of the most important buildings of its time. The fortress-city played a great role in the political and economic life of Byzantium and western Georgia. .


Batumi botanical garden

Botanical garden planted on 11 hectares. 9 floristic divisions and more than 5000 plant species. Georgian subtropical varieties of plants and specimens brought from different countries are planted here. It is definitely a place to visit for nature lovers when you are in Batumi.


Kintrishi national park

Kintrishi National Park is located in the city of Kobuleti. The visitor center here offers travelers a hiking route to see the natural sights. One of the routes in the park is the XII century bridge, which was called Tamar Bridge due to its architectural history.


Makhuntseti waterfall

57 meter high waterfall in the village of Zeda Makhuntseti. There are picnic areas and a food facility near the waterfall.

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Short history

Adjara as a historical region of Georgia can be found in various written archives. According to church history, Christianity was first spread in Georgia by Andrew the Apostle, who came through this side. During the reign of King Vakhtang Gorgasali and for several centuries after that, Adjara was a territory ruled by Georgian kings. Already in the XVI century, the Ottoman Empire conquered along with other territories of Georgia. The population converted to Islam during the Ottoman rule, but the population retained the Georgian language and identity.

During the wars between the Russian Empire and the Ottoman Empire in 1828, the region became the epicenter of hostilities. Both beliefs and boundaries varied according to whose political influence they were. After the establishment of the Soviet government in Georgia, modern borders were established in 1921 and Adjara was declared an autonomous Soviet social republic. After the independence of Georgia,  remained an autonomous republic. Religiously, the region regained its Christian status, but at the same time, the Muslim religion was not expelled.


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