Samtskhe-Javakheti is a region located in the middle of the south of Georgia. Quite attractive in terms of tourism and developed infrastructure. It is rich in historical sights and health resorts. Even their names say a lot about the popular places in this region. The region owns the balneological resort Borjomi with its famous mineral water of the same name. This resort hosts a lot of tourists, especially during the summer season. It is mainly active for those who want to have a family vacation, as there are many children’s entertainment facilities in the forest-park area.

From the park, a small passenger train Kukushka runs through the beautiful gorge through the railway line in the direction of the ski resort of Bakuriani. This road is distinguished by its beauty at any time of the year. It is mostly used for excursions rather than transport. This ski resort is one of the most popular with amateur and professional slopes. During the summer, this resort is also active for family vacations.

The most important and popular of the historical sights is the legendary town, carved into the rock, Vardzia. Created in the XII-XIII centuries, this masterpiece is a heritage not only of Georgia but also of world importance. It reflects the state strength of Georgia of that period and tells us about the most important role of the region for a united Georgia. This place is connected with the epoch, which is called the Golden Age of Georgia and with the first Georgian woman King Tamar. The territories of Georgia during this period were much larger than today.

What to see in Samtskhe-Javakheti


Vardzia cave (XIII)

monastery complex engraved in rock. “If enemy couldn’t have known the dislocation place for King Tamar, there were three hundred sixty-five rooms distinguished as King Tamar had ordered,


Borjomi park

Borjomi is balneology and climatic resort. here is mineral water bottling factory is well known in Borjomi.


Khertvisi castle

Medieval Ages on high rocky mountain. Since October 24th 2007, Khertvisi together with Vardzia Monastery is included in the test list of World Inheritance of UNESCO.


Tmogvi castle

one of the fortresses which is hard to take over is built on rocky mountain. Due to the characteristic features of relief, its borders are erected to various heights. In sources it is firstly met in X century.


Rabati castle

Restored complex on the ruins of a 12th century castle, located in the city of Akhaltsikhe. An important strategic, cultural and commercial object of medieval Georgia on the territory of Samtskhe-Javakheti.

Rabati castle in Akhaltiskhe - Samtskhe-Javakheti region - Tours in Georgia


Mountain ski resort at 1700-1800 meters above sea level. The first ski base here was opened in 1932. There are currently three ski trails for professionals and a small ski trail for beginners.

Bakuriani ski resort in Samtkhe-javakheti -Tours in Georgia


Passenger train connecting Borjomi-Bakuriani. The road runs through a beautiful valley which makes the trip even more interesting and enjoyable.

Kukushka train in Bakuriani -  Tours in Georgia

Paravani lake

In terms of surface area, it is the largest lake in Georgia. Located in 2070 meters above sea level. The lake basin is mainly composed of volcanic rocks.

Paravani lake in Samtskhe-Javakheti - Tours in Georgia

Tabatskuri lake

A natural lake created at 1990 meters above sea level. During the winter, the lake freezes to a level where it is possible to ride with snowmobile. You can take a tour with snowmobiles in Bakuriani.

Tabatskuri lake Georgia -Torus in georgia

Vani caves monastery

A complex of caves of VIII-XVI centuries, created for monastic life. A strong earthquake in 1089 destroyed the central part. A large part of Vardzia was also destroyed in this period. The complex includes about 200 caves which are located on 16 floors.

Vani caves in Samtskhe-Javakheti tours in Georgia
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