Samegrelo region is located in western Georgia. Here live a special ethnic group of Georgians – Megrelians, who have their own spoken language along with Georgian. The name derives from the kingdom of ancient Egrisi.

Part of the area with its diverse natural beauty runs along the Black Sea coast. In summer, Anaklia Beach hosts electronic music festivals.

The popular Martvili Canyon and Dadiani Palace are located in this region. For hikers lovers, there is an alpine landscape with beautiful natural lakes. A trip to this region is possible along the planned route to Svaneti or with an overnight stay in Kutaisi.

What to see in Samegrelo


Martvili canyon

canyon is located on the river Abasha. The Length of canyon is 2400 m, and the depth is 20-40 m, there is 12 m height waterfall in the middle part of the canyon. There are fossilized bones of animals inhabiting the land before 75 million years,

Martvili canyon in Samegrelo-Tours in Georgia

Dadiani palace

museum was established in 1921. Museum complex encompasses the Palaces of Queen of Mingrelia, Ekaterine Chavchavadze-Dadiani and nobleman Niko Dadiani. Here the botanic garden built by Dadianis is also.

Dadiani palace in Zugdidi - Samegrelo what to see

Nokalakevi castle

Nokalakevi , also Greek name for this is Archaeopolis, Tsikhe Goji of Georgian sources is historic city fortress in West Georgia and is one of the most important monuments of Georgia in Middle Ages.

Nokalakevi castle in Samegrelo - Tours in Georgia

Tobavarchkhili Lake

Lake in Samegrelo at 2650 m above sea level. The name is Megrelian and means Silver Lake. A beautiful place for camping and hiking. The Megrelians call it the Holy Lake and there are various legends associated with this lake.

Tobavarchkhili lake in Samegrelo Georgia
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Short history

In the 7th-6th centuries BC, a strong and independent kingdom of Colchis was formed on the territory of Western Georgia, well known to the whole ancient world. The legend of the Argonauts, who stole the golden fleece from the kingdoms of Colchis, also reflects historical facts. There were highly developed metallurgy, winemaking, shipbuilding and shipping. Also was minted a silver coin “Colchian Tetri”.

According to one opinion, the current port city of Poti was the main city of the Kingdom of Colchis in ancient times under the name of Phasis. The kingdom was in close coalition with Greece and other Western countries.

In the 1st century, a new state unit, Egrisi, was established on the territory of the Kingdom of Colchis. The current name of the region probably comes from Egrisi. It included the whole of western Georgia as in Kolkheti. After the collapse of the ancient kingdom, we find their traces in all regions of western Georgia.

In the Middle Ages, the princely state of Odisha was first established on the territory of Samegrelo. In the XIV-XIX centuries was formed on the basis of Odishi and was ruled by the Dadiani dynasty.