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How to get to Georgia

Information for travelers and not only, which will help you plan a travel or business visit to Georgia. Various methods allow you to make a choice taking into account budgetary and time factors. When traveling in the Caucasus region, they often plan to travel through neighboring countries or vice versa. For example, buses run from the capitals of Azerbaijan and Armenia to Tbilisi, which is cheaper than a plane. We hope the information below will helpful for you.

By Air

There is a direct flight to Georgia from the following cities: Munich, Vienna, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Frankfurt, Tel-Aviv, Athens, Istanbul, Moscow, Donetsk, Kyiv, Baku, Astana, Alma-Ata, Odesa, Simferopol, Minsk, Tashkent, Riga, Larnaca, Dubai.

From many other places in the world, transit flights are offered by International airlines like:

There are three international airports in Georgia:

Tbilisi airport, Batumi airport and Kutaisi airport;

For more information please visit the official website of Tbilisi international airport:

By Road

Georgia is accessible to foreign travelers by road from the Republics of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey.

Currently available entrance points:

Turkey – Georgia

Sarpi  (West Georgia/Black Sea coast). Distance to Tbilisi – 400 km, to Batumi -15 km.
suggested route: Sarpi (Turkey) – Batumi – Poti – Kutaisi – Tbilisi (415 km / app. 6-7 hrs driving)
Vale  (South West Georgia). Distance to Tbilisi – 300 km, to Akhaltsikhe -30 km.
suggested route: Posof (Turkey) – Vale – Akhaltsikhe – Khasuri – Tbilisi (305 km/ app. 4-5 hrs driving)

Azerbaijan – Georgia (Baku to Georgia distance – 530 km)

Lagodekhi / Tsodna (Eastern Georgia). Distance to Tbilisi – 170 km, to Telavi – 50 km.
suggested route: Baku – Shemakha – Sheki – Lagodekhi – Tsnori – Gurjaani – Tbilisi (600 km/ 9-10 hrs driving; poor road conditions between Tsnori and Gurjaani part (30 km).
Red Bridge (South – East Georgia). Distance to Tbilisi – 70 km.
suggested route: Baku – Yevlakh – Gyanja – Kazakh – Rustavi – Tbilisi (550 km/  8-9 hrs driving)

Armenia – Georgia

Sadakhlo / Bagratashen (South- East Georgia). Distance to Tbilisi – 90 km.
suggested route: Yerevan – Hrazdan – Sevan lake – Dilijan – Vanadzor – Bagratashen (Sadakhlo) -Shulaveri – Tbilisi (290 km/ app. 6-7 hrs driving;  poor road conditions between Sadakhlo and Shulaveri (40 km).
Bavra (Southern Georgia). Distance to Tbilisi- 330 km, to Akhalkalaki – 40 km.
suggested route: Yerevan – Gumri – Bavra – Akhalkalaki – Borjomi – Khashuri – Tbilisi (480 km/ poor road conditions between Bavra and Akhalkalaki)

Russia – Georgia

Upper Larsi (North-East Georgia). Distance to Tbilisi – 153 Km.

suggested route: Larsi-Stephantsminda-Gudauri-Tbilisi

By Rail

From Baku (Azerbaijan) -Transcaucasus Railway overnight train
There are daily departures from Baku and Tbilisi:

Routing              Departure          Arrival
Baku – Tbilisi       20:45              11:40    Daily
Tbilisi – Baku       16:30              10:20    Daily
Frequent stops and schedule delays are expected.

From Yerevan (Armenia) –Transcaucasus Railway overnight train
Departures from Yerevan and Tbilisi:

Routing                      Departure           Arrival
Yerevan – Tbilisi         22:35                 09:05   Every other day 29, 31, 3, 5

Tbilisi –Yerevan          20:20                 07:10   Every other day 29, 31, 3, 5
Frequent stops and schedule delays are expected.

The rail link from Russian Federation is currently closed.

For more information please visit the official website of Georgian Railway:

By Sea

The main maritime ports of Georgia are located in the Adjara region, the town of Batumi and also in Poti. They provide international connections with the Black Sea ports.
Batumi port is of universal type – receiving and sending all types of sea vessels and serving passengers in high standards. Fast boats conduct regular sailing routes. Ferries service passengers traveling between Batumi and Ilychevsk.
Ferries to Poti port depart from Ukrainian ports Ilyichevsk and Odesa.
More information can be found on:;;