Svaneti is located in western Georgia and is the highest populated region in the Caucasus. Most of the peaks of the Caucasus are located here, including the highest in Georgia – Shkhara (5200 meters above sea level). Ushguli settlement is the highest settlement in Europe, together with the mountainous village of Bochorna in the Kakheti region.

Everywhere you look around, there are mountains up to the sky. This gives his nature the effect of greater rigor, adherence to principles and mystery. This character is also felt in the local population, indomitability, austerity and principality. Especially is the distinguished upper part, which is called free Svaneti. Unlike other regions of Georgia during the dictatorship, this regime could not gain a foothold here.

This is a region of fortress towers. Previously, every family has a stone tower 20-25 meters high, for household and defense purposes. Today there are about 200 such towers. Watching them takes time back a bit and you will have a hard time realizing that you are now living in the 21st century. The modern infrastructure blends harmoniously and looks like one big stage scenery, especially at night.

The region is very popular with travelers in any season of the year. In addition to visiting the natural beauty and cultural sights in summer is popular for hiking enthusiasts and of course for climbers. There are many hiking trails to visit the lakes in the mountains and get to camping places. From the center, you can take part in various local tours or extreme activities: paragliding, rafting, ATVs and horseback riding. Excellent environment for planning jeep tours.

For winter activities there are Tetnuldi and Hatsvali, ski resorts in the region. Tetnuldi is the longest and largest vertical drop ski slope in the Caucasus. It is located at 2260 meters above sea level. The highest place on the track is 3160 meters above sea level. The distance from the center by car is 15 kilometers. It is much easier to get to Hatsvali. Along with the road, it is also connected by a direct ropeway. The minimum and maximum height of the Hatsvali ski tracks is 1870-2350 meters above sea level. There are various ropeways to get on the amateur and professional tracks. Along both ski slopes are developed Infrastructure, food facilities, parking, etc.

What to see in Svaneti



Is Administration Center of Svaneti and remarkable monument of ethnography of Georgia with modern infrastructure and medieval aged premises. You may visit oldest churches, Svanetian towers and historic-ethnography museum



2200 m. of height is the highly settled place in Europe. One of the villages of Ushguli, Chajashi, is included in the list of world inheritance monuments. Here we meet Svanetian towers serving as guards; they are up to 30 in number.



community located on the border of Svaneti which unites 10 villages. When travelling you may see the oldest towers and churches the great number of which are preserved as ruins.


Hatsvali ski resort

Operating 5 ski slopes with a total length of 7 kilometers. 2 of these are provided for beginners. The tracks are served by 4 ropes. There are lights on the tracks for night skating enthusiasts.

Hatsvali ski resort Svaneti Georgia tours in Georgia

Tetnuldi ski resort

The longest ski slope in the Caucasus - 9.5 km. The total length of the tracks is 30 km. There are 2 open and 2 closed ropes. The infrastructure is still under development.

Tetnuldi ski resort Svaneti Georgia - Tours in Georgia

Koruldi lakes

The lakes are located 10 kilometers from Mestia, at 2850 meters above sea level. You can reach the enchanting place by walking or by off-road jeep.

Koruldi lakes Svaneti Georgia - Tours in Georgia
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