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Khevsureti and Pshavi

Khevsureti together with Pshavi is included in the Mtskheta-Mtianeti region with a modern division, but due to its natural and cultural individualism, it deserves a special mention. Pshav-Khevsureti, this is how these two mountainous neighboring settlements are mentioned together, which are the subjects with the greatest historical purpose. The extreme Caucasian region of the Old Kartli-Kakheti Kingdom was responsible for protecting the country from the enemy coming from the north.

There are still unique military towers and buildings that were built for defense and residential purposes. The road in the direction of this region is moderately extreme and passes through Datvijvari Pass, with the highest point 2700 meters above sea level. For overnight there are guest houses in Shaliti. It mainly works during the summer, as it is impossible to get there by transport at other times of the year. If you want to relax for a while from civilization and share the harsh but natural feeling of freedom of the mountain you should definitely visit this side.

What to see in Pshav-Khevsureti



This is one of the unique monuments of Georgian building art. The village perched on a rock was both a dwelling and a fortress, guarding the northern passages of Georgia for centuries.



Mutso - a village in Dusheti municipality, in the valley of the river Ardoti, a historical watchman at the entrance to Khevsureti. 1880 m above sea level, 121 km from Dusheti. At about 40 fortified domestic type houses of Middle Ages are located in the village.



One of the samples of house-fortress of Middle Ages is five storey tower, the floors of which from inside are connected to one another with flexible wooden stairs.


Abudelauri Lakes

the lakes of glacier origin from 2812 meter from sea level. According to their natural colors lakes are named white, green and blue.

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